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Student Medical Insurance Insurance 101

As of January 1, 2014, most people in the United States must have qualifying health coverage or pay a fee. For information on the requirement, visit Low-cost insurance options are available through the Washington State Health Benefit Exchange.

WSU offers insurance to international students and eligible graduate student assistants. Other students should consult billing and insurance information for the Health & Wellness Services medical clinic, and contact our billing staff with any questions.

Get help with finding insurance coverage or paying for care

For financial assistance and insurance options, please contact the Health & Wellness Services billing staff. We can provide assistance to WSU students with:

  • A certified navigator who can present health insurance options and answer enrollment questions for both the WSU insurance plans and the Washington Healthcare Exchange
  • Understanding and navigating the medical system and insurance benefits
  • Exploring options and applying for financial assistance for routine and urgent medical care

For assistance with the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, you can also contact Washington Healthplanfinder Customer Support.

Learn more about how insurance works

What’s an annual premium?
An annual premium is the cost of a specific insurance policy for a given period of time.What are deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance?

  • Deductible: The amount of expenses you must pay out of pocket before the insurance company will pay any expenses
  • Copay: A fixed amount you pay at the time of service
  • Co-insurance: Money that an individual is required to pay for services after a deductible has been paid.

For a detailed example of how these terms work in a real-life example, check out UnitedHealthcare StudentResources’ video What Are Deductibles, Coinsurance, and Copays?

What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?
An EOB is not a bill. An EOB is a document that lets you know your insurance company has processed a claim on your behalf, what it was for, whether it was approved and for how much.

When you get an EOB, make sure the information is correct and contact your insurance company with any questions.

For a breakdown of how to read an EOB, check out UnitedHealthcare StudentResources’ video What is an EOB?